Megan Lore, president and founder of Social Club and Match South, discovered her passion for social marketing thanks to the success of her Atlanta-based food blog. Outfitted with a camera and an appetite, Megan feasted her way through Atlanta’s exceptional food scene, candidly reviewing everything from tasting menu restaurants to drive-thru dollar menus.

  • Play Golf for Health 

    I think this matchbook is sooo cute! Golf has been a tradition in our family since I can remember. This print would look great in anyones home.

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  • Florida State University

    Most people don’t know that I was Florida State’s “Biggest Fan on Campus” in 2012. I love FSU until the day I die!

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  • The Cloister

    My husband and I have had so many wonderful memories down at Sea Island and at The Cloister. We found this matchbook in his grandparents collection.

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  • Beautiful Texas

    My parents lived in Texas for a brief stint! I have made some wonderful friends from Texas and I love visiting Austin, Dallas and Round Top!

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  • The University of Virginia

     I went to lacrosse camp at The University of Virginia. Being from Florida, I was probably the worst one there but it helped me develop my skills and become a better player.

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  • Delta Airlines

    Atlanta's finest. I'll never fly anything else. Delta Loyal FOREVA!

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  • East Lake Vintage

    I love going to The Tour Championship at East Lake every year. As one of the oldest clubs in Atlanta, I was so happy to find an original matchbook.

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  • New York Mets

    Both of my parents are from New York. My dad gave me a vintage sweatshirt from The Mets World Series in 1969!

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  • Sun Valley Idaho

    I had the most wonderful girls trip in Sun Valley, Idaho. It is a very magical place that I will never forget. I can’t wait until the next visit.

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Which matchbook means the most to you?

Not a matchbook but our Golf Bag Match Striker and Candle collection means a lot to me! I am so proud of these products that we designed! We developed our striker from complete scratch and it has quickly become our best seller. It is a unique gift for any golfer!
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