Tommy Johnson is a Louisiana-based men's style influencer and tastemaker. Since early 2020, he has been producing content covering men's clothing and southern lifestyle.

Each week, Tommy produces style guides and shoppable lookbooks that are inspired by his personal style. You can follow him on Instagram, LTK, and sign up for his newsletter to see all his content!

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  • Superior Grill

    Superior Grill is my favorite place to eat in Baton Rouge by far. They make insanely good chicken fajitas, the best margaritas on the planet, and have an awesome atmosphere. Superior has locations around Louisiana, but my go-to spot is the one on Highland Road in Baton Rouge. Come on Sunday afternoon, and we might see each other! 

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    Tabasco is an iconic Louisiana brand that happens to also be my favorite hot sauce. It goes with almost everything, but my favorite thing to put it on is definitely pizza. Fun Fact: In 2009, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave the esteemed sauce a prestigious Royal Warrant, making it the only Louisiana-based company to receive the queen's highest honor!

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  • Pat O'Briens

    Pat O's is another NOLA staple that cannot be overlooked. Of course, they're famous for their Hurricanes (which are awesome), but also don't overlook the atmosphere. Catching up with old friends in their courtyard is an awesome way to spend a Friday night. I did just that very thing recently on a Bachelor Party this spring - 10/10, would recommend. 

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  • Louisiana State University

    LSU has been a part of my life since I was a boy growing up in Monroe, Louisiana. I grew up cheering for the Tigers, and even when I moved away from the Boot, I always wore my purple and gold. Fast forward to college, and I'm proud to say that I was able to earn two degrees from LSU and cherish those times on its campus. I'll always be Forever L-S-U!

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  • Atlanta Braves

    I've got a lot of family in Atlanta and have always grown up a Braves fan. I remember my first Major League game at Turner Field in about 2000. I grew up right at the end of the heyday for Bobby Cox's Braves when Andruw, Chipper, Maddox, Glavine, and Smoltz dominated the NL East - it was such a fun way to learn to love the game. 

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  • Brennan's

    Brennan's is one of the top restaurants in New Orleans's French Quarter. From the famous pink-painted outside facade to being the originators of Bananas Fosters, Brennan's is everything you want out of a classic New Orleans dining experience. Not to mention, The Brennan's Rooster logo is just so cool. 

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  • Coca-Cola (Front)

    I love Coca-Cola for a lot of reasons - the branding, the slogans, the aesthetic. If you follow me, you'd know that my love of Coca-Cola even bled outside of my libation habit, as even my dog is named Cola. This matchbook reminds me of not only my favorite drink but also my Boykin Spaniel - both of which are brown and bubbly!

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  • Capital City Club (Blue)

    My grandparents live in Atlanta and are members at the Capital City Club. I've got great memories of spending summers with them - playing golf and eating lunch at the club. It's definitely one of my favorite country clubs I've ever been to! 

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  • Cafe Du Monde

    Cafe Du Monde is another famous New Orleans institution. Beignets and Chicory Coffee just taste better under that green and white awning. Whether you want to start your morning with a fun pick-me-up or finish your night out with a sweet treat, Cafe Du Monde is the place to go, as they're open 24/7. 

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Which matchbook means the most to you?

Superior Grill (Flat) - Superior Grill is my favorite place to eat in Baton Rouge and has become an (almost) weekly ritual for my girlfriend and me. Followers of mine might have seen Instagram stories entitled "Superior Sundays," which catalog each time we go to lunch there. It's a great way to reset for the week and relax with a great meal. We're proud to say that we've reached "regular status" in our section, and we love seeing our awesome server each time we go. Superior Grill is a place I never tire of and always look forward to visiting!
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